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                            NO MORE DOWNLOADS FOR EBOOKS!

            Just GO directly to the HIDDEN ebook website instantly after purchase!

Have you ever tried to download an ebook without any luck and wonder why companies are making this so complicated? I have personally developed a NEW concept regarding ebook purchases! I call it: Hidden Ebook Websites....This is basically a revolutionary NEW IDEA created by Phillip W. Chambley simply because ebooks have become too complicated to download.

You will also have direct login access to your ebook at all times once you become a paid member!

I have actually been using this idea for about (8) eight years now with my up-dated monthly ebook called "Secrets of Paid Online Surveys!"(secretsofsurveys.com) via paypal.com payments. So far, I have been fortunate enough to sell about 20,000 of these ebooks without any complaints about the ebook website! Ironically? The only complaints I ever had was the fact that some customers NEVER take the time to actually read and experiment with the facts in this simple, easy to read and understand ebook.

Thus, in return expecting an immediate refund. Unfortunately? Because of the nature of an ebook (electronic book sent via Internet) you can NOT simply return this ebook to a store and ask for a refund? Which is why I have a 30 thirty day satisfaction refund policy agreement. In other words? If you are NOT completely satisfied after thirty days, I will gladly refund your original total amount paid without any questions asked.

Note: These modern day ebook download programs are based on your computer operating system? If you have an older computer, these downloads will most likely NOT work. Some Internet users are still using Windows XP and even Windows 98 operating systems on their computers simply because they just don't have the money to up-grade to a NEW computer. (This fact is based on my website counter stats each year).

If you have a computer and operating system that is over (10) ten years old. Please visit the TOP NEW adobe digital edition reader website and see all the problems you will have with these modern day downloads. This is just (1) one example of ebook download problems regarding older computers which ebook sellers will NEVER tell you before making your purchase.


This basic concept of non-download hidden ebook websites in a Nutshell? Once you purchase an ebook. You will NO longer have to download anything. You will go directly to the hidden Internet ebook website within (1) one split second of purchase.

                                   The NEW Hidden Ebook Non-Download Website Concept Facts:

  • Each LEGITIMATE ebook website is BLOCKED by using a SEO (search engine optimization) code.
  • Receive hidden ebook website instantly (0.4 seconds) after purchase depending on your Internet browser speed using paypal.com or a credit card purchase.
  • Hidden ebook website concept works with any computer linked to the Internet! It does NOT matter how old your computer or operating system is, you can still purchase and read any ebook because it is a hidden website!
  • Excellent invention for NEW writers that want to sell and market their ebook personally, but don't know how? No more confusing DOWNLOAD file(s) for your customers to fight with and eventually ask for a refund simply because it's just too complicated to figure out.
  • You will NEVER have to download any ebook using a download program at anytime after purchase. Please Note: some of these installation download software programs have a virus that can harm your computer. Customers can also spend hours trying to figure out which download program works on their computer and still NOT be able to download their purchased ebook!
  • The majority of these ebook installation software programs are also too complicated for the average Internet user. Thus, in return the customer will ask for a refund from the ebook seller.
  • The NEW ebook website will most likely have NO advertisement. Which search engines are searching for constantly. Only text and beautiful copyrighted images unlike the modern day Adobe reader files.
  • Try searching for this particular ebook website link over the Internet. This is like trying to find a "particular piece of sand on a beach!"
  • How many Google.com Internet listings are there now days? The TOP modern day Internet Dutch Indexed web for google.com contains at least 199.5 billion pages as of Friday August 30, 2013. This total varies on a daily basis. The Indexed Web
  • FUTURE CONCEPT: Each LEGITIMATE ebook website has the exact same information on the landing page, but a different URL. "Try your luck finding these LEGITIMATE ebook websites!"
  • FUTURE CONCEPT: These new hidden ebook websites will be mostly sub-domain names using numbers, letters and characters to be prevent any search engine scan. Google scans very little sub-domains as of 2013 unless it's something interesting?
  • FUTURE CONCEPT: You can copy the URL (website Internet address) or the ebook website address which rotates immediately within thousands of websites! 99 % of these non-legitimate ebook websites are advertisement! Which is great product sellers!
  • FUTURE CONCEPT: In other words? Each time a customer purchases an ebook from an Internet seller, it will automatically change to a different URL or website address listed in your browser or Internet search.

                    Purchase my Non-Download Hidden Ebook Website and receive INSTANTLY!

You will also have direct login access to your ebook at all times once you become a paid member!


           One Time Ebook Fee - Nothing else to buy EVER again!- Guaranteed or your money back!